Kids Friendly Activities

Rethymnon has a magical natural environment. Walks in nature, educational adventures and its culture make Rethymno a friendly destination for children. Rethymnon is not only known for its beaches but also for the pace of life that offers relaxation and makes it a safe destination for families with children. Natural landscapes, endemic herbs and flowers and the world-famous rich flora and fauna of the place are also fun and educational at the same time as they offer children a new world for exploration. At the playground of Rethymno’s Municipal Garden, which was renovated in 2016, children can get to know some of the most important endemic plants. They can also follow the educational trail of “5 senses” in the historic center and discover corners of the city that hide the traditional features of the place. Finally, “Games with Olive” are available. This is a creative material provided to the Municipality’s’ info point at the Venetian port for children and presents the importance of olive oil, also known as “Cretan gold”, in everyday life.